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Bridging the gap to build family cohesiveness



EZETT Youth and Family Services was founded upon a strong desire to transform lives, be mediators, and advocates for individuals lacking the tools needed to appropriately function in all domains of life.  The desire of being a part of the quest to improve the lives of youth and their families, and stand in the gap on behalf of underserved communities, are the driving force that established EZETT Youth and Family Services.


To Empower, Encourage, Equip, Educate, Embrace, and Enrich youth and families with tools to Excel above and beyond the challenges of today's society.


To provide excellent therapeutic, psycho-educational, and behavioral health services that will stabilize youth and equip them with skills to cope with life's daily challenges, while bridging the gap to build family cohesiveness.


To promote healthy relationships via effective communication and team work.

To provide interventions customized to meet the needs of the youth and their families.

To provide tools and interventions needed for families to work cohesively as one unit.

Licensed Provider
Department of Behavioral Health & Developmental Services 


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